Tuesday, October 11, 2011

yeah, i think i'll just come home (and thoughts on food)

This was what the Hubster said to me on Friday night at 9:30!  He was in Cincinnati.  He had plans to spend time with his parents, then meet up with some old work friends... but those all got canceled.  He had been at training for work all week.  It was way closer for him to go to Cincy than to come home on the weekend between training.  However, late on Friday night he decided he would be way happier if he just drove home.  :)  After a 9 hour day of training, and and hour drive the hubby packed up (for the 2nd time in one day) and made the 2+ hour drive home to me.  :)

I went into school for report cards (more on that later) on saturday while he got a chance to relax at the house with the puppy.  That evening I made a yummy dinner full of brats, onions, and beer #healthiestdinnerever.  We also watched the King's Speech- so good!

if you haven't see it- go!  It is very well crafted, and I love that wall!!

Sunday I went into school for my usual planning before he got up.  I was home by 10 and made a HUGE brunch with all of his favorite breakfast foods (ie bacon, eggs, biscuits so fluffy and flaky you could die).  We watched a few movies more movies that day too.  We watched The Conspirator and then National Treasure 2.  Both of the movies focused on the assassination of Lincoln. 

We talked through a lot of history while watching-- and we might have done some research because we are cool like that

For dinner we had planned on a special pizza place that Hubby has been looking forward to since we moved here #mellowmushroom.  Coupons are the only way we go out (my rule, and I love it!) so when we realized the coupon was only good mon through thurs we went to a fav of ours instead.  The Stacked Pickle is a pub that we love!  Ok, so actually I guess it's a sports bar- but it rocks.  They have the best fries we have ever tasted!  So I have just realized how obsessed with food we are..... hmmm.
in fishers and carmel- and I don't know where else, but worth looking up

For dinner we met up with a friend/ the only friend we have in this city.  After we got to see his house and meet the dog.  We played wii for a while before I left.  They might not have had work this morning but I had 23 6 year olds who would not show mercy for a late night of drinking! 

Over all it was a pretty great weekend.  Especially because we had planned on not seeing each other at all!  He waited until I got back from my staff meeting to leave for training.  One more week alone before we can start to get settled in our routines!  I should really get back to taking pictures of life....


  1. Goodness I should send my husband to live with you! The food - he'd be in heaven!

    So I gave you an award on my blog girl. Check it out!

  2. Wow, your husband is one lucky guy:) All the food sounds amazing. I still need to see The King's Speech. Thanks for the reminder.



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