Thursday, October 6, 2011

"that's quite the class you have there"

The day before school started administration came in and said "we made a mistake in your class, these students are not allowed to be together".   In the first day I learned why these students were not allowed to be in the same class.  The grouping I have this year us crazy! 

However, they arn't so bad that I can't handle them.  If this crazy, young, 1st year teacher can manage it- I feel like I should get some credit or something.  ;)

Every teacher my kids work with, or aid they they are with comment on how insane the class is, or how challening they are. Yes my firsties are challening, but they are mine, and truthfuly- I love them.  I am ready to stop recognizing that they are challening and instead find the good in them- all of them! 

Each day I will try to find one good thing that each student has done.  I will not let 5 bad apple spoil the bunch of 23.  I will recognize the good in my students.  My class is awesome, and it's time for the others to see how great they are!

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