Tuesday, October 18, 2011

family fall fest

that sounds like something elementary related... or just a regular autumn gathering for my clan.  :)

On Saturday evening the hubby and I drove up to a very small town in northern Indiana.  All of my family lives in this tiny town other than my parents.  It was SO GOOD to see my family!

We played kickball (Klinkers vs others aka in-laws).  It got intense.  My dad took me out at first- so did my husband!  I still have a bruised arm! 

After kickball we went inside to eat a feast.  We had planned on a cookout with everything outsid- but the weather did not cooperate with us.

After dinner we went back to the barn and had the little ones (under 5, above 1) hunt through the straw to find goodies!  They were really cute about it, and liked to throw the hay.

From there Grandpa got in the tractor, hitched up the trailer filled with straw-bails and then loaded us up!  We went for a hay ride at dusk!  Only a few of us (think 16 our of 35) went, but we loved it!  The little girls were pretty cute.  And, it's always fun to snuggle with the hubby!

little one all snuggled up between family- keeping warm

From there we went back inside to hang out.

Someone had the great idea to put all of the newest family members on the floor together!  These babies were due one week from each other.  One came about 6 weeks early- but we are so thankful to have them!  (PS, we have one more due in Feb!)
L- Berkley, My cousin's baby; M- Hunter, my newest cousin; R- Gracelyn, My 2ns newest cousin, who came 6 weeks early

some kicking action

the two girls in pink pj are big sisters to the boy in the middle; The girl int he Gap is big sister to the girl on the left

This kid is the world's best big brother!  He is astonishing! 

he ate her fingers!  or as Huby says- she punched him (bue he really did suck her fingers!)

While everything was going on I got to hang out with a little cutie who never wants to hang out!  She is super articulate, and always has been- no joke she sounds like a 10 year old.

Hadley and Hubby conversing over politics (ok really she was pretending to make a bottle for her sister)

When we were getting ready to leave she decided that she wanted to go home with me and hubby!  Then once we explained that we couldn't she asked if she could go in our car.  When her dad (my cousin in-law) said no- she responded with "Where is grandpa Harold, I will ask him".

Finally it was time to walk out the door.  She said "Good bye other John, (John is the name of her uncle who was standing next to us).  It was nice to play with you."  And that my friends is why my husband now wants a baby.  Good thing I am in control of that one!  Someone get him a screaming baby STAT!

Now, time to count down until Christmas when I get to see them again!!

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