Sunday, October 9, 2011

my parents are cooler than me

What keeps me from being a hermit- my mom and dad.  It's pretty awesome to be living in the 'same' city now.  I mentioned in a previous post all of the awesome things my 'rents have done for the hubby and I in the past few months.  Well, I was sharing this info with a few of my teammates and I just had to confess that my parents keep me from being a hermit. ((Think the Vensa/ Toyota commercials))

Last week the hubby was out of town for work training.  He had planned on being gone Monday the 3rd to saturday the 15.  That's a super long time (for me at least)!  Friday rolled around and I was bored.  I txted my mom to see if they had plans. 

Yet again my parents came to my rescue and saved me from being a hermit by taking me to Carrabbas.  It was awesome!!  While there the waiter asked me if my parents had dragged me there kicking and screaming (I do look like a 15 year old, so that makes sense).  I wanted to confess that they were way cooler than me, and that I had invited myself- but I held back with a chuckle and a head shake. 

I am glad my parents have let me grow up.  But I am SUPER glad that they still take me out as if I was living at home.  I don't quite know what I would be without them.  (Confess: I would be uber bored)

After an awesome dinner (srsly, Carrabbas, check it out) I went home and watched a chick flick "Life as we know it". (thank you netflix)

The movie was so good!!  I cried, I laughed, and I didn't have to think!  Awesome!

However, right before I started it I called my hubby.  He was in Cincy (where we just moved from) visiting his parents and maybe a few of the guys.  I wanted him home, he wanted to he home- so at 9:20 he left cincy and made the 2+ hr trek home!!  He will have to drive back on Monday, but we got a little time together!!

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty great Friday.

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  1. I think that's a long time! My John also travels for work so I feel ya. My parents are also cooler than me and significantly contribute to my social life haha.

    p.s. I sent you an email!


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