Monday, October 3, 2011

can i have a birthday yet?

My birthday was August 12th.  It was the first friday of the school year.  That was the fun part.  The sad part, my car had broken down that week.  I needed an entire new set of tires, which we learned after I had a blow out.  The rim was bent too- so we needed a new rim to put the new wheels on.

Sad news- I was living with my parents at the time, my husband was living in a different state, and we were facing 2 months of no pay.  So, for my birthday my family got me the hook up with the rim and tires.  Very generous of them!  The next week everyone helped us move.  After that it was time for the hubster to find a new job.  Needless to say, we never celebrated my birthday.

When Hubby landed his new job we went out to celebrate at Benihana's- we said it was to celebrate me getting a teaching job, my birthday and his job.  Boys and girls, that is a lot of celebrating to pack into one school night.

I love my birthday.  I love getting gifts- it may sound bad, but it is one of my love languages.  At first I thought that I could rock it and just buy myself one thing (a cup)- but 2 months later- I wish I had a birthday celebration.

If I were to have a celebration these are the things I would want:

I'd love some lanterns for the house

I'll take this whole outfit!
celebrate with lots of these!

I could have one of these for lunch (or maybe 2 of them)

these are my favorite cookies of all time!

i'd love this skirt- the sweater is pretty cute too

amazeballs! (j.crew)

so warm and comfy!  perfect to wear with tights and sweaters!

another perfect outfit

and the shoes I have been wanted for months

My book wish list is 3 times as long... oh dear, school is taking over!  :)

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    What's your pinterest?? Here's mine:

    And I'll follow you back! ;)


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