Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Tour!

We love our new apartment!  It is a million-gillion times better than where we used to live!  We really feel like we are moving up in the world. :)

our wine tower welcomes you as you walk in

on the opposite side of the apartment is our back deck, these chairs were a steal at Target!

half of our amazing kitchen

the clock I have been lusting over for 2 years, we finally got it

part of the breackfast bar and the huge counter on the other side of the kitchen


masterbath (and me)

master bath

finally i get my full nautical bathroom!

we registered for this set and finally get to use it!

we got some new towels for the guests to use too

back to the front of the house, the dinning room

view from the stairs (it's a private entrance)

our front porch

looking down the hall


almost forgot- the living room!

so bright

my closet (which is in the spare room)- Hubby has his own copy of this in our bedroom

the den

the den


  1. looks great!! love the decorating! and i love the hints of the pup all around (food and water bowls, and bed by the glass door!)

  2. Oh my gracious!! You could fit my apartment in yours bout 5 times!! I'm so jealous of all that room!!!

  3. soooo cute. i almost bought that tree shower curtain too. :]


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