Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What we have been up to in Room 9

I live in Room 9- aka my classroom.  The other day I slept on the futon in my room.  I keep a pantry in there too- it really is my second (or first) home.

 Here are a few peaks into what life has been like in room 9 lately...

Me on a Map Unit

Me on a Map Unit

We collected enough canned food to line every hall way of our school!  A post on the bulletin board is coming soon!

We made turkeys for grandparent's breakfast.  The paper is a writing from a prompt "You just found out Farmer Fred is planning on eating you (the turkey) for Thanksgiving!  What will you do?"

Building with base ten blocks, the recording how many were used

transferring patterns from geobards to paper

Sums turkeys!  Each student was given a name (10 for example) and they had to write sums of that number!

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