Wednesday, November 16, 2011

lincon park zoo

have you ever been to the Lincon Park Zoo in Chicago?  It's a free public zoo (minus parking) and it is incredible!  By far and away the best was to spend 17 bucks in Chicago!

We love the African Exhibit!  But the best part of the zoo had nothing to do with what the zoo had to offer, but rather who was there.  Everywhere we went we saw awesome parents!  They were making everything and educational activity.  They were all so attentive to their children.  They played along with all of the silly things to get the kids excited about learning!  It was so flippin cool to see!!  I wasn't too surprised that I noticed since I noticed parents and kids all the time, but when the Hubster noticed I knew it was serious!  Thank you to all of those parents for being amazing examples to us, and fantastic reminders that kids don't have to be rotten stink-pots :)

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