Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where did November go?

Several weeks ago my computer crashed.  Have I even called in to get it fixed yet- no.  Where did this month go?!?!  I feel like it was literally last week that I was doing report cards (That was the 1st week of October for me....) and now we are trying to fit in our assessments before the next round of reposrt cards  (Our semester ends December 15th)!

I miss you all, and your inspiration to be crafty, creative, loving, caring, and thoughtful.  I really will try to be better, but for now, please bare with me as I finish out my first semster as a teacher!  :)

Last weekend (the week before Thanksgiving) we had been looking forward to the event of the year "Friendsgiving".  Friendsgiving was created our last year of college.  All of our closest friends gathered in a tiny apartment and cooked a full thanksgiving meal together.  It was a blast!!  We loved it so much that it became an annual thing.  It is the one time of year where all of us can see each other.  While everyone is moving away, we still will get together then.  We had not seen some of these people in over a year and were very excited to be able to be together for an entire weekend! 

However, just a few days before Hubby's Grandmother passed away.  It was very sudden as in she has been the same for a long time.  At the same time however, we have known that ti was coming as she Alzheimers gets worse each week (and it has been for several years).  Tickets just to fly out for the funeral were 450 each!  Hubster went, and I stayed home.  All of our plans for the next few weeks changed. 

Normally when things change I don't like it.  I love making plans, and keeping them.  That may sound funny since I am a teacher and my plans change during the day every 5 minutes (or less)- but I think that's why I like having my plans in life so set.  I was happy that I didn't find myself upset by all of the changes (including not seeing my family at all for thanksgiving).  I was sad that I was unable to go to friendsgiving.  We hope that this will encourage us to make plans with these friends soon. 

Thanksgiving we spent with Hubby's family.  His brother stayed in town from Oregon since the funeral.  It was a true American Thanksgiving with just the five of us (a nice change from years past as my inlaws always invite 7 different Chinese students each year).  We had a lot of fun, lots to eat, and lots to drink (entire bottle of Maker's Mark.....).  However it was interesting to see how Hubby's dad handled the first holiday just days after his mothers passing.  If in 25 years my husband is half the man his father is I will be one lucky lady. 

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