Sunday, November 13, 2011

that dumb broken computer (and a wedding)

so my computer busted last week- like won't turn on at all kind of busted.  and we just got it a few months ago (refurbished but still!  it's a mac!)
all of this time without my computer has left me staying later at school to get work done, and left my hobby of blogging in the wind.

oh how i miss you all.  I literally sat at my computer at school just now for 1 hour looking through posts for the past week and a half!  (and it's sunday night, so that is just not ok for me to be at school!)

it look as if it will be a few more weeks until i get everything back up and running again.  on the upside I recently uploaded a million pictures to my school computer- so not all is lost :)

Last weekend I wasn't very focused on my computer because my dear friend from college was getting married!!  The hubby and I drove up to Chicago for the weekend- and it was fantastic!  Please  enjoy the pictures- it was such a beautiful fall wedding- and would not have been more perfectly fitted to the two of them!

the head table

cutting the cake

the first dance

so in love!

father and daughter

the 'sign-in' (finger print tree)

garter (yes, that is the groom pulling out an old shoes- among other things from the dress)


the happy couple on their send off!


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