Friday, November 4, 2011

Hallows Eve


I love halloween.  Not sure why, but I think it is fun.  It was super fun to be a first grade teacher that day!  The kids were all so excited.  My favorite part was the next morning when they brough in pictures of being dressed up!  I have a class of winners!  :)

The 'Newly-Whits' celebrated Halloween by staying in, hoping for trick-or-treaters (with 5x as much candy as we could ever need- we are set until easter).  I dug through the closest to make a costume, and the hubby did the same.  I landed on Pirate and he landed on a Duke Basketball player.

After the trick-or treaters were gone (all 5 of them) we watched Scream.  It was an uneventful night, but great non-the less.
sassy pirate wench ;)

Pumpkin fun coming soon!

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