Friday, December 2, 2011

What's Cookin'?

I wish I could find the blog that I got his idea from- If it was you please comment at the bottom!  ((And THANK YOU!))

I needed a bulletin board for November.  My board space that I needed to fill is 6.5 feet by 13 feet.  Its in a busy hall so nothing too 3D.  I found this fantastic idea here in blog land (what a wonderful place). 

Each student told a parent volunteer how they would cook a thanksgiving turkey if it was their job for Thanksgiving this year.  The parent scribed what they wrote- and it was hilarious!  Another parent volunteered to type it up that night (talk about no fuss for me!)  and the last step was for the students to decorate it!  It turned out great!  File this one away under things to do next year (and I will file it away under be a better blogger and post this November 2nd instead of December 2nd.)

I decided that I needed a friend on this board, so I made this little guy as I was putting it together- he's taller than some of the first graders in my class....

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