Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm not a person, i'm a teacher

... or so most seem to think.  I am begining to feel like there is some trught to all of it.  tonight I had a small tiff with my husband.  Why you ask- because I did not want to watch a movie (yes ladies this actually happened).  I deciede I would rather seclude to my social media outslets than spent time watching a movie with my husband because I wanted to feel like I was a real person instead of just a teacher. Just a teacher who lives at school, breaths lessons, and eats  behavior logs. 

So how do you all do it?  How do you have jobs and lives and friends?  I thought I would be to that point by now, but I really am not.  We just planned when his parents would come to town based off of the library schedule (which is what I am looking forward to most thing week... I need help).

Last week Hubster and I went to Greek Fest (again, yes- but this time in a different state since we no longer live in the Natti- or OH at all).  All I could think about were the papers that needed to be graded.  Then I saw one of my students, and it was right back into teacher mode for me!  Don't get me wrong, I love *most* of my students, and would be happy to see them in the community- but there is some crazy switch that isn't quite me.  Also, my first graders actually thought that I lived at the school.  They thought that I slept on the futon that is in my room each night.  Although I have come close to doing it- I haven't yet.  I hope they can see me as a person some day.  I hope I can see me as a person again someday.

Goal: (since life revolves around setting personal goals for my firsties) Go to my dear friend's wedding in November.  It will include a 4 hour drive each way, and a hotel.  But I will hate myself if I miss it.  I missed one last weekend because I 'needed' to be at school.  I can't make that kind of mistake again!


  1. So sorry teaching is getting the best of you! Hope things start getting better...you deserve some you time for sure!! And now that you're in Indy {right?} there's tons of fun stuff to do here :D

  2. I always have to remind myself that our job as a teacher never stops and that there will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be something we "need" to do. The first years are the hardest so make sure you make time for the other important things in your life and don't feel bad about it!


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