Monday, August 1, 2011

no one can support me like my husband

I have taken my husband for granted.  (ok, this actually is a daily flaw, but this time it's a biggie) 

A while back a new bill was passed that all but banned new hires of teachers where we were living.  Not only were there not job openings, but 30% of the teachers were RIFd.

Hubby got himself a good job.  He makes good money, and has never thought twice about the fact that I don't make (hardly) anything.

Then it came time for me to look for work- because I desperately want to, not because I have financially to.  We faced the hard fact that a full time position was not possible where we were living.  Options, we stay- he works, and I sub. Or we leave- I work, and he has to find a new job.

He could have said that financially it would be better to stay.  He could have told me that I should only take a position if it were my dream job.  He could have just said- we are staying here.  But he didn't.  He didn't say any of that.  Instead he said that we would go where ever I found a full time position.

He is top of the market, number one in sales in the city- he is on the top.  But he is giving it all up to be unemployed while I teach.  He is giving up his fun job so that I can do what I love.  He would do anything to make me happy- even if it means giving up his job and life in one state to live in another.

To add on top of all of that. He packed up my car for me with everything I needed (and still found room for me to take more of the things I wanted) while I ate pizza on the couch. He is also packing up all of our belongings himself, and moving (with the help of our parents) to our new place, and getting it all set up- without me.  This way I will be able to focus on the school year.

What an amazing man.  And handsome to boot!  I don't know why I am so lucky- but I am thankful that I am.

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