Friday, August 5, 2011

my new life

my new life consists of a little too much, and I hope that it doesn't stay this way for long.

  1. a 45 minute drive that takes place at 5am and 8pm
  2. going to stores each night from 8-9/10 and spending tons of money
  3. being completley lost in the content (it's all new to me)
  4. reading about Daily 5 and CAFE (aka FACE)
  5. making bulliten boards
  6. meeting new people
  7. having (mostly upset) parents contacting me
  8. spending all my useful time in useless training
  9. being suffled around with all the other new hires
  10. organizing- but i don't know how since I don't know what I need
  11. spending to much time putting on make up because I don't know how, and I want  need to look older
  12. not seeing my puppy all day
  13. living hours away from my husband
  14. having a schedule so crazy that I don't even get to talk to him
  15. organizing books by category
  16. running around the school building to learn where things are
  17. keeping of list of to-dos that grows faster than gets checked off
I also hope to do a post on the things I am greatful for,  Like my teaching team, and the fact that my hubby us coming to town this weekend!!

Icecream social is Sunday night, and school starts Tuesday with the kiddos.  What a week it has been!! 

Today I am meeting with a parent- the high maintenance kind.... it should be interesting

I am sorry to be neglecting you blogworld.  I miss you.  But right now, this buis as to be taken care of!

1 comment:

  1. Hang tough girl. Your schedule will ease up over time. Sending good thoughts your way = )


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