Monday, August 8, 2011

twas the night before first grade....

...and all the teachers were stirring, even the hampster.

Well that is what it is like for us at least.  School starts tomorrow.  I have been working my little booty off all week trying to get the classroom ready and attending meetings (8-3 every day since I was hired a week ago!) But now, it's all set.  The walls are covered, the feeling is good, the desks and supplies are organized, the books in a pile, the charts titled, and the lesson plans ready. 

I have heard a lot about my group of 23 firsties.  It should be an interesting year.  All of my kiddos can read (except for the one I have yet to meet, his family doesn't speak english).  Most have been doing math workbooks all summer, and they are ready for sucess! 

I am feeling a million emotions right now- excitment, nerves- etc.  I feel ready for the day- and yet I feel like I could never be ready for the day. 

Here's to praying that all the kids arrive, there are few to no tears, everyone gets through the day safely, and gets home ok.  If some content gets in there I will be one happy camper!

Tomorrow is the first day that I get to do what I have dreamed of doing since I was in 1st grade myself!


  1. Eeeek, so exciting! I hope your first day is going well! :)

  2. How was the first day? You all went back super early. We just started yesterday. Well keep me posted on your school year. I always love good teacher stories.


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