Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Tour!

We love our new apartment!  It is a million-gillion times better than where we used to live!  We really feel like we are moving up in the world. :)

our wine tower welcomes you as you walk in

on the opposite side of the apartment is our back deck, these chairs were a steal at Target!

half of our amazing kitchen

the clock I have been lusting over for 2 years, we finally got it

part of the breackfast bar and the huge counter on the other side of the kitchen


masterbath (and me)

master bath

finally i get my full nautical bathroom!

we registered for this set and finally get to use it!

we got some new towels for the guests to use too

back to the front of the house, the dinning room

view from the stairs (it's a private entrance)

our front porch

looking down the hall


almost forgot- the living room!

so bright

my closet (which is in the spare room)- Hubby has his own copy of this in our bedroom

the den

the den

Monday, September 26, 2011

What have the newly-whit's been up to?

Sorry it's been a while since love and marriage.  Let me catch you up on what the Newly-Whit's have been doing this past month.

I got a job in a different state, 5 days before school started.  I moved in with my parents while the Hubster quite his job and packed up our entire house on his own.  (mad props)

School started and life for me was flipped upside down.

The 2nd week of school we actually moved from Ohio to Indiana.  We had tons of help from friends.  One dear friend drove 3 hours (each way) to move us out of cinicinnati, then another 45 minuets (each way) the next day to move us into Indiana!  Amazing man, and amazing wife!  (they are trying to adopt right now- so many prayers with them).

We now live in the same 'city' as my parents. Little known fact- my parents have a more active social life than I ever will.  They have kept us entertained since we moved here. Let me show how:
  • week 1: moved us in
  • week 2:took us to see Jimmy Buffet
  • Week 3: came over for no reason (brought beer!, we played cards)
  • Week 4: took us out to eat (with the rest of the fam) for my grandma's 88th birthday.  They also designated our house as the after party-- which they brought everything for ie cake, ice cream, drinks, plates, forks, EVERYTHING!
  • Week 5: His parents were in town (and took us to Cheese Cake Facotry to Celebrate Hubby getting a new job), they were planning on stopping by with goodies after going out with friends
  • Week 6: They invited us to a movie, and out to eat before hand (We saw Moneyball, it was fantastic)
  • and somewhere in there they took us out to eat on a different night and took us to see a movie that ended up being way too raunchy for my husband to be sitting next to my mother in.  
Here are a few of the highlights in pictures:

At the Preconcert Party for Jimmy Buffet (Yes, the 'rents had tickets to a preparty)

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet, Hubby's Fin broke

watching Connor Prairie Fireworks from our back deck.  We loved all the free firework shows we could watch in our pjs!
from our off the trail adventure on the Monon

Puppy and Hubby 'off trail'

We also took a bike ride tour of the beautiful community, went to our favorite part of Indy (Broadripple), and have been watching every season of 30 Rock. 

Coming soon---> Home Tour!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

living life in 1st grade

Yep, I am a teacher.

There are a couple of kiddos who put me past my 'whit's end'- but over all my little 6 and 7 year old firsties are pretty sweet.  I have taken a million pictures of their cuteness at work as they explore, learn, and grow.  We have 2 weeks left until the end of the first quarter- wow time flies!

from our awesome lesson on individualized instruction, and differentiation (look for it on pintrest- awesome)
Painting Pumpkins for Fall!
Two writers discussing their ideas and stories

learning how to work as a team by playing a 2 person game with 5 people!

counting on a number line- bunny hopping up and back!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm not a person, i'm a teacher

... or so most seem to think.  I am begining to feel like there is some trught to all of it.  tonight I had a small tiff with my husband.  Why you ask- because I did not want to watch a movie (yes ladies this actually happened).  I deciede I would rather seclude to my social media outslets than spent time watching a movie with my husband because I wanted to feel like I was a real person instead of just a teacher. Just a teacher who lives at school, breaths lessons, and eats  behavior logs. 

So how do you all do it?  How do you have jobs and lives and friends?  I thought I would be to that point by now, but I really am not.  We just planned when his parents would come to town based off of the library schedule (which is what I am looking forward to most thing week... I need help).

Last week Hubster and I went to Greek Fest (again, yes- but this time in a different state since we no longer live in the Natti- or OH at all).  All I could think about were the papers that needed to be graded.  Then I saw one of my students, and it was right back into teacher mode for me!  Don't get me wrong, I love *most* of my students, and would be happy to see them in the community- but there is some crazy switch that isn't quite me.  Also, my first graders actually thought that I lived at the school.  They thought that I slept on the futon that is in my room each night.  Although I have come close to doing it- I haven't yet.  I hope they can see me as a person some day.  I hope I can see me as a person again someday.

Goal: (since life revolves around setting personal goals for my firsties) Go to my dear friend's wedding in November.  It will include a 4 hour drive each way, and a hotel.  But I will hate myself if I miss it.  I missed one last weekend because I 'needed' to be at school.  I can't make that kind of mistake again!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the towers came down

 (we will address my 1 month absence later)

10 years ago I was sitting in my 7th grade math class.  We were taking our state standardized test, ISTEP.  My teacher had on a radio station that only played comercials at 10 after (it was all classical music to help us think).  In the middle of our test, words came over the radio.  She quickly turned it off.  We knew something was up. At our scheduled break we were all asked to leave the classroom, and the teachers closed the door behind them as we gathered confused in the hallway.  Other students came down the hall saying buildings in New York were on fire.

Our break ended and with questions running through our head, we had to get back to our high stakes test.  The minute we had finished our last test of the day, we turned on the TV.  I think our teacher, Ms. Flowers, told us what was going on.  However, none of us were listening- we were watching the replay of the 2nd plane crashing.  We didn't move on that day, we didn't learn anything new in class, we didn't speak. 

In November my family took our scheduled trip to NYC.  I will never forget the smell of the buring flesh a month and a half later.  Or the dust still covering the burnt buildings.  Or the people weeping at the fences covered with missing persons posters.

I was 13 years old.  My world changed forever.  My town (one of the targets) changed forever.  Life goes on each day.  We went back to normal over time. Normal will never be the same.  We cannot forget the people and the families, and the people who rushed to help.

My students are 6 and 7 years old. Out of 23, 2 students knew something about 9/11.  It was challenging to put into words what today was for. 
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